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Happy 38th Birthday, Rachel!
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Happy 38th Birthday, Rachel!

Today, Saturday 9th May, is Rachel Boston’s 38th birthday. I’d like to take a moment to wish her a lovely, happy birthday, despite quarantines and lockdowns that are being experienced worldwide.

I first started this fansite at www.rachel-boston.org in 2014, but when I needed to change hosts, I lost all my content. I rebuilt the site in 2017 – and have just moved to the domain www.rachel-boston.com. Rachel is gracious enough to follow the website’s Twitter account and often likes the tweets – and this is something that never fails to make me smile. You will also notice I put yet another new layout up on the website a few days ago. I wanted something simple and easy to navigate so that I can add more exciting features soon.

Thank you, dear Rachel, for inspiring me to do the things that I love. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm for life and for entertaining many fans all over the world with your film and TV roles. I hope to see you on screen for many years to come and I hope to still be updating this website for that time.

May you have a wonderful day. x

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